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Psychological thriller
85 minutes


Mathieu is a brilliant neurosurgeon whose perfect life is falling apart.

Impending divorce, job loss, substance abuse, and a mid-life crisis are all factors that can cause him to go off the rails. In addition, the sudden death of his father forces him to return home to Anishiinabe territory, a place he has tried to avoid since his youth.

Nevertheless, Mathieu agrees to go and deposit his father's ashes in the heart of their ancestral territory and wishes to find himself at the same time.

The break away from the city promises to be a nice getaway until Mathieu realizes that he is now the prey of an evil creature known as the Wendigo. Mathieu's pilgrimage quickly becomes an unimaginable nightmare that will change him forever. Like it or not, our vices always catch up with us eventually.


Language:   French Based on the script of:   Jean-François Martel and Jason Brennan
Director:   Jason Brennan Distributor:   Seventh Screen
Anticipated Release:   Spring 2022
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  • Search for financing.

  • Script completed.

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