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Psychological thriller
85 minutes


Pierre is a brilliant brain surgeon whose carefully manicured life is beginning to fall apart. Longing for escape, he agrees to spend a few days hiking in the woods with Léanore, a former lover who also happens to be his ex-wife’s sister. When Pierre meets her again, Léanore is suffering from depression after a mysterious incident that took place while she was working on a research project in the North.

The farther from civilization the former lovers get, the more Pierre begins to suspect that Léanore isn’t the person he once knew. After a violent confrontation with two hunters who recognize Léanore and want to do her harm, he discovers his friend’s true nature. Léanore is a monster, a wendigo or werewolf.

He will escape the creature with his life, but not before being bitten at the neck. The first signs of infection appear shortly after his return to the city. His transformation will drive Pierre towards a terrible act of violence, after which he will take his place alongside the creature that stalked him through the forest.


Language:   French Based on the script of:   Jean-François Martel and Jason Brennan
Director:   Jason Brennan Distributor:   Seventh Screen
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  • Script completed.

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