Drama comedy
100 minutes


Sasha chez les indiens tells the love story of a young girl named Alex, a 24 years old Mohawk, and Sasha, a 27 years old caucasian. Despite their small differences, the two lovebirds live perfect happiness in town. Sasha expresses Alex his desire to meet her family, since she’s met his several times.

The meeting between Sasha and Alex’s family is going better than she expected it but when the question of marriage comes up , both families are confused and have uncertainties about the compatibility between the bride and groom. Caustic teasing Alex Mohawk family and sometimes hostile allusions from Sasha’s family finally make the young couple question their relation. Sasha chez les Indiens is a dramatic comedy , both romantic and satirical which allows a mocking but touching critique of the delicate relationship between indigenous and non-indigenous people in Quebec, throught the romantic relationship of the two protagonists, Sasha and Alex.


Language:   French Writer:   Sonia Bonspille Boileau
Director:   Sonia Bonspille Boileau Year of production:   2016