Last Call Indian

  • Nominated - Best cinematography in a Doc, Gemini Awards (2011)
  • Nominated - Best Music in a Doc, Gala des prix Gémeaux (2011)
  • Nominated - Best Pov Doc, Yorton Film Festival (2011)
  • Official selection - Dreamspeakers Film Festival (2011)
  • Official selection - Re-Frame Peterborough International Film Festival (2010)
  • Official selection - 35th American Indian Film Festival (2010)
  • Official selection - Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival (2010)
  • Official selection - The North America Native Film Festival (2010)

This one hour documentary takes a look at the reality that faces a last generation status Indian as she tries to hold on to her culture after the recent passing of her main native reference, her Grand-father.

« Because of the Indian Act I am forced into letting go of who I am and accepting that I am probably the last Indian in my family lineage. Although I always had uncertainties and questions about my true belonging to the Mohawk culture and my ties to my community, I've never felt as culturally empty as I do now. Even if I always knew that I was a last generation Indian, I never felt that I needed to justify or explain who I was because my Grand-father was Mohawk, which in turn granted me that right. With his death, my heart and my roots seem to have slipped further away.

Last Call Indian begins where the life of Morris Bonspille ends.

This heart-warming documentary is not only about cultural identity but is also a critical analysis of Aboriginal entitlement and the dilemma faced by many last generation Indians.

Documentary, 1 x 45 min, French, APTN/Canal D
Directed by Sonia B. Boileau

Last Call Indian
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