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This one hour documentary takes a look at the reality that faces a last generation status Indian as she tries to hold on to her culture after the recent passing of her main native reference, her Grand-father.

« Because of the Indian Act I am forced into letting go of who I am and accepting that I am probably the last Indian in my family lineage. Although I always had uncertainties and questions about my true belonging to the Mohawk culture and my ties to my community, I've never felt as culturally empty as I do now. Even if I always knew that I was a last generation Indian, I never felt that I needed to justify or explain who I was because my Grand-father was Mohawk, which in turn granted me that right. With his death, my heart and my roots seem to have slipped further away. »

Last Call Indian begins where the life of Morris Bonspille ends.

This heart-warming documentary is not only about cultural identity but is also a critical analysis of Aboriginal entitlement and the dilemma faced by many last generation Indians.

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  • Language: French
  • Director: Sonia Bonspille Boileau
  • Year of production: 2010
  • Distributor: NISH MEDIA
  • TV Broadcasters: APTN & CANAL D

* Nomination | Best Feature Lenght Documentary, 2011 Gemini Awards
* Nomination | Best Documentary POV (Point of View), 2011 Yorkton Film Festival
* WINNER Prix de la diversité, Gala des Prix Gémeaux, 2011
* Nomination | Meilleure musique dans un documentaire, Gala des Prix Gémeaux, 2011

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